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Chennai, November 30, 2023 – In a collaborative effort, Chennai-1 Region and Indian Overseas Bank organized the PMSVANidhi Mela on November 28, 2023, led by Shri. Davender Kumar, Chief Regional Manager, IOB, Chennai-1 Region, at the AIOBEU Swastika Community Hall in Mylapore, Chennai.”

During the event, 515 PM SVANidhi beneficiaries received loans amounting to Rs. 95.20 lakhs, providing crucial financial support for their businesses. Additionally, 6 ALFs (Alternative Lending Institutions) and 31 SHGs (Self-Help Groups) received loans totaling Rs. 515.00 lakhs, fostering economic growth in the community.

The ceremony featured key dignitaries who played pivotal roles in the success of the event. In the accompanying photo from left to right:

1. Shri. Varun Deepak R, Lead District Manager, IOB, Chennai

2. Shri. Vijay Kumar Singh, Senior Manager Credit, IOB, Chennai-1 Region

3. Shri. Ramesh Karn, Assistant General Manager, IOB, Chennai-1 Region

4. Shri. Banu Chander, Additional Revenue Officer, GCC

5. Shri. Davender Kumar, Chief Regional

Manager, IOB, Chennai-1 Region

6. Shri. Kumar, Assistant Project Officer, TNULM

Their collective efforts and commitment to financial inclusion have paved the way for economic empowerment and sustainable development in the region.

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