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New Delhi, November 2023: In the radiant spirit of Diwali, the festival that illuminates lives and spreads joy, PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd. (PMR), a global relocation firm, has embraced the true essence of the occasion. Demonstrating compassion and a commitment to making a positive impact, PMR reached out to the elderly residents of NEMA Eldercare, as well as the underprivileged children supported by the Robinhood Army (RHA) and Harmony House those in need during this festive season.

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Ms. Aakansha Bhargava, CEO of PM Relocations Pvt Ltd expressed, “I am extremely happy and thrilled to be kickstarting the festive season this year with something so special and meaningful. Each year, PMR tries its best to plan activities that help us give more and more to society, as well as ensure that everyone feels an integral part of the ongoing festive celebrations in India. Our excitement stems from our desire to use PMR’s platform towards the betterment of members of society, be it the elderly community or children from underprivileged sections of society.”

On this auspicious occasion, the team at PMR joyfully volunteered at the NEMA Eldercare to seek the blessing of elders. During their visit, the team played games with the elders, shared sweets, and was honored to present the residents with wheelchairs. One of the volunteers expressed their profound joy saying, “Interacting with the elders today filled my heart with joy, and connecting with them was truly blissful.”

Continuing their festive activities, PMR celebrated Diwali with the children of RHA and Harmony House, two notable charitable organizations for aspiring little kids. PMR volunteers orchestrated engaging activities with children such as diya painting and card making. Apart from these sweets were distributed to share the sweetness and harmony on the occasion. The children at Harmony House delighted the team through a captivating welcome performance.

With a steadfast dedication and longstanding commitment to the advancement of sports, PMR has taken the initiative to empower the potential of budding athletes at Harmony House and decided to aid in building a sports infrastructure for the children, actively supporting the dreams of young talent this Diwali.

PMR shares a long-term and heartwarming connection with the institutions dedicated to the well-being of children and the elderly. As a kind gesture, the children from Lakshyam Foundation and Dream Girl Foundation visited the PMR House to joyously celebrate Diwali together. Their lively performances and shared cheers spread an air of delight, making the event memorable.

Additionally, PMR has an ongoing charity drive to donate clothes for elders and children, along with an ongoing toy bank donation at their offices across the country. They are committed to significantly contributing and empowering young children and elders through their initiatives.

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