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NEW YORK, NY — November 23, 2023 – Sprinklr, the leading unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, has released its latest research report, ‘Leveraging data analytics for contact center optimization’. The report highlights key insights, challenges, and opportunities around customer data in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – including the fact that more than half of organisations surveyed were unable to easily analyse the consumer data they collected to derive actionable insights.

Created in partnership with CX Network, the report surveyed CX Network members in Asia-Pacific from June-July 2023, with the largest share of respondents (21%) coming from India – making the report’s conclusions insights especially relevant to audiences and brands operating in the Indian market.

“Our joint research project with Sprinklr found that only 54% of organizations store their contact center data in a way that can be easily analyzed. When it comes to advancing the quality of CX and the efficiency of operations, these organizations must take the opportunity to embrace AI-powered tools that support workflows and analyze customer interactions across all channels. This report outlines the benefits of upgrading the tech stack and provides practical advice on how to initiate such a project.”, said Melanie Mingas, Editor in chief- CX Network.

Customer data is a goldmine of insights for businesses, helping predict consumer behaviors, analyze performance of products and services, and recognise brand differentiators – but only if brands can effectively, collect, analyse, and activate that data in a secure and compliant way. The Sprinklr report announced today finds that brands across the APAC face significant challenges in the collection and analysis of this data, with many organizations leaving it totally unactioned.

46% of respondents shared that they did not have a central data storage required to deliver a competitive customer experience.
55% of respondent organisations were unable to easily analyze the consumer data they collected to derive actionable insights.
58% had indicated they had an annual budget of US$100,000 or less for contact center solutions

“The use of multiple disconnected tools for CX management can lead businesses to underutilize their consumer data and miss key business insights. Our latest report spotlights some of the industry-wide gaps in data collection and analysis for the Asia-Pacific region, to encourage a shift to the more optimal approach of unified CX management. Sprinklr’s unprecedented AI-powered CXM platform is a global leader in this space, helping some of the world’s leading businesses extract the maximum value from their data, while improving their overall customer experience.” said Arun Pattabhiraman, CMO, Sprinklr.

The notable findings of the report underscore how modern CX requires unified systems that enable digital communication channels to perform most effectively and deliver a comprehensive experience to consumers based on insights from customer data. Featuring the India-specific case study of boAT, the report illustrates how switching to Sprinklr allowed the brand to implement always-on, real-time and actionable intelligence within a single AI-powered and unified omnichannel platform.

boAt deployed Sprinklr Insights for social listening and Sprinklr Service to improve CX and reinforce the company-wide approach to customer centricity. The brand was able to consolidate several point solutions onto the Sprinklr unified-CXM platform and established an analytics practice to listen to and engage with relevant conversations, identify and resolve customer queries effectively, while speeding up common customer tasks, such as the claims and warranty process. Since the launch, boAT has successfully onboarded 140 employees to the Sprinklr platform, tracked and analyzed 10,000+ customer touch points and validated 6,000+ warranty claims in real time.

There is great potential for business across APAC to leverage data analytics and predictive intelligence to transform the future of customer communications across the economy.

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