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Through his exemplary leadership, dedication and commitment, Dr. Verghese Kurien (1948 MSU Alumnus) led the Milk Revolution in India by establishing dairy cooperatives throughout the country. He not only enhanced the food and nutritional security, but the livelihoods for millions of people in rural India. Dr. Kurien passed away on September 9, 2012. In recognition of his contributions, Michigan State University has launched Kurien Memorial Lecture.

This endowment will support programs at MSU and continue the legacy of the Late Dr. Verghese Kurien towards human capital and institutional development, entrepreneurship, and social empowerment.

The Kurien Fund will be used to support MSU Students, Scholars, and faculty members who are resident of India and South Asia to attend training and education programs at MSU or MSU programs offered internationally, including short course, internships, conferences, workshops, and seminars. It may also be used to help develop new educational, technology transfer and social empowerment programs at

MSU and to provide scholarships, fellowships, and travel grants with preference from individuals from India and South Asia and other developing countries for exchanging and sharing knowledge technologies and experiences on issues related to food, business and society.
It may be mentioned here that D.V.Mallikarjuna, Rtd Deputy Manager with SHIMUL had Donated The bust of Dr. Verghese Kurien and It is displayed in the Delio Koo International centre to educate MSU students and visitors on his remarkable legacy.

Dr. Karim M Maredia, Director International Programmes & MSU authorities have taken initiation to establish Dr. Verghese Kurien Endowment Fund in the college of Agriculture and Natural Resources, MSU, USA.

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