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India, December 15, 2023 — Quantum, the leader in solutions for unstructured data, today announced that MR Datentechnik, a leading German IT solutions and managed services provider, has implemented Quantum ActiveScale™ object storage as the foundation of their new MR S3 Storage Service supporting customers’ needs for backup and recovery, archiving, and data security. MR Datentechnik offers a resilient, highly scalable service providing customers with seamless, simple data storage, protection, and access at predictable and low cost. By deploying ActiveScale, MR Datentechnik has relied on its built-in automation and simplicity at scale to achieve rapid growth, profitable new revenue, and high customer satisfaction.

To provide an economical, fully managed service, MR Datentechnik needed a storage platform that could seamlessly scale and minimize administrative complexity. With Dynamic Data Placement, ActiveScale provides performance at scale, even as the system expands over time to meet MR Datentechnik’s growing demands to add more capacity and users. ActiveScale’s web-based interface simplifies account and user management, access keys, health monitoring, capacity, performance, and more.

Building on ActiveScale has helped MR Datentechnik drive swift growth for their new storage service. “Thanks to ActiveScale’s ability to automate the onboarding process, we can easily onboard customers in under a day,” says Jochen Kraus, managing director, MR Datentechnik. “With that fast onboarding, we’ve been able to add customers to our service much more quickly than we anticipated. We have reached our two-year growth target goals in less than a year.”

Creating an S3-compatible service was a top priority for MR Datentechnik. The team wanted to support S3 applications and workflows for easy integration with its cloud storage solution. And, because the MR Datentechnik team focused first on the backup use case, it was essential that the underlying storage platform integrate seamlessly with the latest version of Veeam Backup & Replication. With ActiveScale as the foundation, MR Datentechnik protects critical customer data to ensure continuous business operations for their clients.

“Quantum ActiveScale provides the reliable, highly scalable, S3-compatible object storage we needed for building our new storage service,” says Kraus. “The platform is stable even under high loads, and it offers sophisticated software that is extremely useful for our multi-tenant environment.”

The company plans to expand the service to include additional use cases. “With S3 compatibility, we can expand the storage service to other workflows,” adds Kraus. “By building on Quantum ActiveScale, we have a very flexible platform for meeting a broad spectrum of customer needs.”

MR Datentechnik is a well-established leader in providing world-class IT services and solutions to enterprises,” says Bruno Hald, vice president and general manager, Quantum. “ActiveScale meets their stringent requirements to provide their customers cloud storage that is scalable, extremely durable, and most of all, easy and economical to use so customers can leverage their data for business value. We look forward to deepening our partnership and helping them extend the scope of their services available on ActiveScale.”

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