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Mumbai, November 08, 2023: The Motwani Jadeja Foundation, a visionary organization dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact, is delighted to announce a momentous three- year partnership with TiE Women, an impactful initiative of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) which fosters and empowers women entrepreneurs on a global scale. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in advancing the mission of gender diversity and equal opportunities for women in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Asha Jadeja

Asha Jadeja, the founder of the Motwani Jadeja Foundation will spearhead this partnership on behalf of the foundation by sponsoring and supporting 5 TiE Women participants to Silicon Valley. These participants will get a once in a lifetime hands-on experience to immerse themselves in the heart of Silicon Valley through the Motwani Jadeja Fellow program.

A Synergy for Empowerment:

The partnership between TiE Women and the Motwani Jadeja Foundation is founded on shared values and objectives. Both organizations are deeply committed to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact, and they recognize the potential of women entrepreneurs as powerful catalysts for change.
The key highlights of the partnership:

● Support for Women-Led Startups: The Motwani Jadeja Foundation and TiE Women will support and mentor women-led startups, providing them with resources, guidance, and access to a global network of industry experts and investors.

● Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building: The partnership will focus on strengthening the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women by connecting them with mentors, investors, and other support networks essential for success.

● Global Collaboration: The collaboration between TiE Women and the Motwani Jadeja Foundation will transcend geographical boundaries, enabling women entrepreneurs to access opportunities on a global scale.

On signing this partnership, here is what Asha Jadeja had to say “For the first time in history India and America are forming a partnership powered by our shared commitment to democracy and freedom. We in the technology sector will have a key role in cementing this relationship. I am particularly delighted to kick off a Women’s Entrepreneurship program in collaboration with TIE Global. This will have a transformative social impact for many generations.”

TiE Women’s Founding Co-Chair, Dharti Arvind Desai added “The mission of TiE Women is to embrace, engage and empower women entrepreneurs globally irrespective of size of enterprise, origin, and background. TiE Global has paved the way for gender parity to be the norm with metrics that capture impact and outcomes across the board with transparent and process driven programming”.

Azima Dhanjee representing TiE Lahore is Co-Founder of ConnetHear and recipient of the Motwani Jadeja Seed Grant. ConnectHear is the winner of last year’s TiE Women competition. Azima shared her experience in a nutshell “As the co-founder of ConnectHear and the proud winner of the 2022 TiE Women in Tech competition, which featured over 40 exceptional founders from across the globe, I can’t help but reflect on the immense impact this opportunity has had on our journey. Winning this competition was not just about recognition; it was a powerful platform to showcase the potential of disability tech and our mission. What made it even more remarkable was the inspiration I drew from the diverse community of women entrepreneurs in the program, each with their unique stories and aspirations.”

Dr.Sarita Ahlawat, Co-Founder of Botlab Dynamics won the best B2B startup award in 2022. She has been part of the TiE Women program for two years and was impressed with the mentors who guided her through the program. She is grateful for the bond created with fellow women founders who give her the support an entrepreneur requires in their solo journey of growth.

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