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Moat Title Security Co. Launches a Home Title Freezing Document to Protect Homeowners from Title Fraud

Oklahoma City, OK, January 19, 2024 –Moat Title Security Co., a new and innovative leader in providing home title protection services, today announced the launch of a new property title protection document designed to protect property owners from title identity theft and fraud. The new document, called the Notice of Title Freeze, is a copyrighted legal document placed in the public records as a warning to potential fraudsters that the title to the property is effectively frozen and that any attempt to transfer the title without the owner’s written and recorded consent will be deemed fraudulent.

“We are excited to launch the Moat Notice of Title Freeze,” said Curt Moore, CEO of Moat Title Security Co. “This innovative document provides property owners with a unique layer of protection against title fraud, which is a growing problem in the United States. We believe that the Moat Notice of Title Freeze is the most effective way to protect your home from title identity theft and fraud similar to how a credit freeze works to protect your personal credit from fraud.”

Moat’s Notice of Title Freeze is currently available to property owners in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas with operations beginning soon in Florida and Arizona. Moat Title Security Co. expects to be available in all 50 states within the coming year. To get started, property owners need to complete a short online application on the website. A Moat representative will prepare the Notice of Title Freeze document for execution and notarization and record the document in the public records. The cost to prepare and record the Notice of Title Freeze is $325 and there are no additional monthly or annual fees.

Moat Title Security Co. is notably different from the various title monitoring services that monitor public records for suspicious activity for a monthly or annual fee. A monitoring service does not proactively prevent fraudulent parties from recording fraudulent documents in your property title. In addition, many local county offices offer similar monitoring services to homeowners for free. Moat Title Security Co. takes a proactive approach by placing a “moat” around your property in the public records. In addition to Senior and Military discounts, Moat Title Security Co. offers a referral program of $25 payable to Moat customers for each referral party that purchases a Notice of Title Freeze.

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