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ACEF AwardsMumbai, September 29, 2023 – Mind Wars, the leading edutainment platform, is thrilled to announce its recent double win at the prestigious Asia Customer Engagement Forum (ACEF) Awards. The awards were given in recognition of Mind Wars’ outstanding contributions in the fields of brand film and app content in the education sector.

The ACEF Awards are a globally acclaimed platform that celebrates excellence in marketing, brand building, and customer engagement across Asia. Mind Wars’ success at this event is a proof of its commitment to delivering high-quality educational content and engaging experiences to learners of all ages.

In the brand film category, Mind Wars’ exceptional video content stood out among the competition. The captivating brand film not only showcased the platform’s innovative approach to education but also highlighted its dedication to empowering learners through immersive and entertaining experiences.

Mind Wars also received an award in the app content category, specifically recognizing its outstanding contributions to education. The Mind Wars app continues to revolutionize the way students learn by providing a fun and interactive platform that encourages critical thinking and knowledge retention.

Mind Wars has been a harbinger of a new wave of education, with its brilliant activities providing holistic knowledge to the students. This modern approach to education has enabled Mind Wars to attract student participation and registrations from around 695 districts (94.5 percent) across the country. These numbers are only a reflection of the success of Mind Wars in the country, with over 37,000 schools and teachers from over 14,000 schools, being a part of its family. Since 2019, Mind Wars has been on a mission to make every student smarter, not just academically but also proficient in general knowledge and current affairs. With the previous year having witnessed some landmark feats being achieved, Mind Wars is poised for giant strides in this year.

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