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Bengaluru, December 19, 2023: On Friday, JustMyRoots, a pioneering food aggregator start-up, unveiled its inaugural Food and Convenience Retail Centre in Bengaluru, marking a unique initiative in the culinary landscape.

JustMyRoots is dedicated to presenting a diverse array of fresh and delightful delicacies from various regions across the country to its retail customers. The recently acquired start-up, The State Plate, will be featuring their regional collections in this innovative venture.

Setting a new trend, JustMyRoots introduces the concept of a start-up corner at a retail site within a petrol pump in India, providing local start-ups with an affordable platform to showcase their products.

In collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a Maharatna company, JustMyRoots initiated this pilot project at its first centre in India located at the Krishnarajapura company-owned and operated fuel station in Bengaluru. The organization plans to replicate this success by launching more experience centres across Bengaluru and Karnataka.

“It has been our constant endeavour to provide value added services to our customers. This is yet another step taken to provide intercity food to Bangaloreans,” said Sri Gur Prasad, Executive Director and State Head, Karnataka of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

“A pioneering Retail Outlet, the cosmopolitan crowd of Bengaluru now has an ideal destination to access their preferred food choices 24×7. The concept is to offer regional delicacies at affordable prices without compromising on food quality. The start-up corner will provide a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs seeking a platform to showcase their products,” stated Samiran Sengupta, Founder and CEO at JustMyRoots.

Chirantan Chandran, Senior VP & CMO of JustMyRoots, mentioned, “JustMyRoots On-The- Go retail is a brand with a difference. The regular fuel station convenience store has been transformed into an experience centre, offering much more than regular convenience items. Imagine waking into a petrol pump convenience store and walking out with your favourite Mutton Biryani from Arsalan Kolkata, or Galawati Kebab from Tunday Kababi of Lucknow or Choley Bhature from SitaRam of Pahargunj, Delhi. The list continues providing many more reasons to make this premium chain of outlets into a destination for people looking at convenience as well as their favourite food from across the country.”

JustMyRoots aims to generate substantial revenue through this 24/7 model.

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