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M.R. Synrem– Mr. M. R. Synrem, IAS, Managing Director, ITDC

Mumbai, 4th Nov 2023: Bestowing the position of Managing Director at the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) has truly humbled me. I have assumed my new responsibility with utmost enthusiasm and zeal, embracing all it takes to lead ITDC into a new era marked by growth, innovation and transformation.

My prime focus at ITDC would be to look beyond our core function of hotels and strengthen our various non-hotel domains, including Ticketing, Tours, Event Management, Duty-Free Shopping, and Engineering Consultancy. This transition is aligned with ITDC’s vision and predisposition to be a market pioneer and one-stop solution provider, in tune with the emerging trends in the sector.

The thrust verticals of ITDC, Skill Development, and Engineering consultancy for tourism projects of the Central and State Governments need further impetus to realize its full potential. Known for its quality and excellence in hospitality training and skill development programmes, ITDC through Ashok Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management is spreading its wings in capacity building and nurturing talents through its offerings of degrees and diplomas in the field of hospitality, travel, tourism etc. With a rich repository of robust expertise and experience, the Engineering division of ITDC is set to create exemplary footprints in the tourism infrastructure projects including SEL (Son Et Lumiere – sound & light) shows at places of historical and national importance.

Another feather in the cap for ITDC is Ashok Events Division, which is the first choice for organizing and managing events for the highest echelons of Government, Public sector, Semi- public and corporate organizations for its deft handling of events, suitably tailored to the clients’ requirements and immaculate execution exceeding the expectations consistently. ITDC is privileged to operate two iconic properties in the heart of Delhi – The Ashok and Samrat Hotel, renowned for its unparalleled scale and facilities for hosting mega conferences, grand weddings, and other important events. Ashok Travel and Tours Division is set to gain more traction with strategic inroads in their respective niche markets with its travel portal in the offing.

ITDC with its wide array of distinguished services offered, is poised to redefine itself as a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, committed to showcase the best of India to the world with a sense of pride. Ethos of innovation, adaptability, sustainability, with a pool of well trained and motivated workforce, with sharp customer focus with local and global perspectives and valuable partnerships with external stakeholders are going to keep ITDC stay ahead of the curve. Blessed with this opportunity to make a meaningful difference, I am confident that ITDC with its entire team, hand in hand with other stakeholders will make it possible to thrive, nationally and internationally in a rapidly changing world.

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