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Chennai, 01st November 2023: Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is proud to announce the commencement of Vigilance Awareness Week 2023, as declared by the Central Vigilance Commission. This week-long celebration, running from 30th October 2023, marks a significant occasion for the Bank to reaffirm its commitment to integrity and transparency in its operations.

The highlight of the inaugural day was the administration of the Integrity Pledge, which was solemnly taken by all the staff members of Indian Overseas Bank across the nation. The ceremony included the participation of key figures within the bank, including Shri Ajay Kumar Srivastava, MD & CEO; Shri Sanjay Vinayak Mudaliar, Executive Director; and Shri Rajeev Kumar, Chief Vigilance Officer, along with other top executives. During this significant event, the bank also unveiled the first edition of the Vigilance Manuals, which includes the current instructions on vigilance matters issued by DOPT, CVC directives, and company policies. Additionally, sky balloons were released to symbolize our unwavering stand against corruption.

As part of its efforts to promote vigilance and integrity, the Bank has outlined preventive measures to enhance its operations:

Awareness Building: IOB is focused on raising awareness about Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) Resolution.
Capacity Building: The Bank is committed to enhancing the capacity of its employees through various training programs.
Systemic Improvement Measures: Identification and implementation of systemic improvements are a priority for IOB.
Leveraging IT: IOB seeks to leverage information technology for more efficient complaint disposal.
Guideline Updates: IOB is updating its circulars, guidelines, and manuals to ensure they align with the highest standards of integrity.
Complaint Disposal: The Bank is dedicated to the swift disposal of complaints received before 30th June 2023.

To celebrate Vigilance Awareness Week 2023, Indian Overseas Bank has organized a series of events and programs across its branches, including:

Essay Competition: An essay competition for staff members to showcase their understanding of vigilance and integrity.
Quiz Competition: A quiz competition for staff members to test their knowledge of vigilance-related topics.
Creative Expressions: A contest for the best short films, reels, and videos created by staff members on the theme of vigilance.
Rangoli Competition: Staff members will compete in creating beautiful rangoli designs that reflect the spirit of vigilance.
Seminars and Workshops: Organizing seminars and workshops to educate employees on fraud prevention.
FM Radio Campaign: Broadcasting vigilance awareness messages through FM radio advertisements.
School and College Competitions: Organizing drawing competitions, essay writing, and quiz competitions in schools and colleges.
Gram Sabha Awareness: Conducting awareness campaigns in Gram Sabhas to engage with local communities.
Mass SMS Campaign: Sending mass SMS to customers, highlighting the message of Vigilance Awareness Week.
ATM and CDM Messages: Printing Vigilance Awareness Week messages in all ATMs and CDM machines of IOB Pan India.
Mobile App Promotion: Flashing vigilance messages on the IOB mobile app and the bank’s homepage.
City-wide Demonstrations: Arranging walkathons and human chains in various cities to demonstrate IOB’s commitment to vigilance.

Indian Overseas Bank is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and vigilance in its operations, and this week’s celebrations are a testament to that commitment.

The Bank encourages all its stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the public, to participate in the various events and activities planned throughout Vigilance Awareness Week 2023.

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