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Bengaluru, 16th December 2023: Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT), a renowned engineering institute in Bengaluru hosted a special lecture on “Importance of Industrial Consultancy for Vikas Bharat @ 2047 , under the guidance of AICTE led by Mr Sunil Baby, Ex. Chief Business Officer, Unacademy. The lecture series was the part of Amrit Kaal Varsh Vikasit Bharat @ 2047 campaign, ideated by Honorable Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Education. Over 500 students of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology participated in the engaging session with Mr Sunil Baby on this Wednesday which focused on the trends and opportunities in the retailing and start-up ecosystem.

Addressing the students, the keynote speaker, Mr Sunil Baby said, “India is exceptionally fortunate in terms of human capital; with a young and dynamic population, the country has the potential to harness the energy, creativity, and innovation of its people. India is on track to become a major economic power and poised to become a 26 Trillion economy in next 25 years. By 2047, 20% of the world’s population will be Indians, making India a bigger part of the global picture. This gives us even more advantage in harnessing the benefits of the Amrit Kaal.”

Further he added, “India is leading the world with digitalization and becoming a self reliant nation. In this journey, let’s not just seek jobs but create them, especially in sectors where we hold the advantage. Together, with collaboration and continuous learning, we sculpt a future where each thread adds to the vibrant tapestry of India’s success.”

Dr.Piyush Kumar Pareek, Head of the Department, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dr Sudheer Reddy J, Dean – International Relations, Dr H C Nagaraj, Principal, Dr Nalini, Student Welfare officer were present in the event.

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