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The “Healthy Soil, Healthy People” Movement initiated by BhoomiSeva in India is making waves and leading the way for a transformative approach to addressing soil health and its direct connection to human well-being and environmental sustainability. This holistic initiative is creating a significant and positive change in several key areas, revolutionizing the nation. Some of the key features of this movement are:

AIOCD’s Personal Social Responsibility: The All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), with its vast network of 12.5 lakh chemist shops across India, has taken on the mantle of spreading awareness about the critical link between soil health and human well-being. AIOCD has been donating free soil tests and encouraging customers to do the same, reaching millions of individuals and amplifying the message of this movement. This heightened awareness has a cascading effect, as it promotes the ethos of “Donate one soil test free in a year to support 14.64 Crore farmers and for your healthy Life,” making it a true Personal Social Responsibility initiative.

SME Chamber of India support: SME India, a premier national Chamber has been working for the development of SMEs from manufacturing, service sectors and allied industrial / business sectors for the last 30 years. The Chamber will get involved to facilitate loans pan India for VLEs, District Stockists, Super Stockists for setting up small businesses and generate employment all across the country.

Soil Health Card Program: The Soil Health Card program, which is now expanding to include 2.15 lakh soil test labs, is set to impact a staggering 14.64 crore landholdings in India. Beyond the impressive numbers, the true significance lies in the improved lives of farmers, healthier families dependent on agriculture, and a promising future for our food. The program’s focus on reducing chemical residues and promoting organic practices has an immeasurable impact on the nation’s agricultural landscape.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: An enormous step in reducing India’s carbon footprint has been taken with the introduction of Battery Swapping Services through chemist shops for the Muvi-125-4g electric two-wheeler. With the implementation of 1 lakh charging stations and 10 lakh electric vehicles in the first phase, using swappable batteries, the environmental impact is palpable. This initiative will result in reduced carbon emissions, improved air quality, and ultimately, a greener India.

EV Adoption in the Delivery Ecosystem: Encouraging 2.5 crore vehicles in the delivery ecosystem to make the switch to electric vehicles, with batteries provided by chemist shops, is not just about reducing operational costs for businesses. It’s also about making last-mile delivery more sustainable and eco-friendly. This transformation, when scaled nationwide, will result in a remarkable reduction in the environmental footprint, setting an example for other nations to follow.

“The “Healthy Soil, Healthy People” Movement by BhoomiSeva, with the dedicated involvement of AIOCD and other key stakeholders, is spearheading a revolution that not only enhances soil health but also significantly impacts the well-being of millions of people and the sustainability of India’s environment. This holistic approach is a shining example of the power of collaboration, social responsibility, and sustainable practices in creating a brighter and healthier future for all ” said Melind Deshpande, Founder and CEO of BhoomiSeva, HCF Tech Private Limited and distributor for Bhu-Vision (Krishi-RASTAA).

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