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Hexagon launches Startup Catalyst Program in India for AI and Digital Reality Innovators in collaboration with T-HUBIndia, November 10th, 2023: Hexagon’s R&D Center in India launched its Startup Catalyst Program for all startups working in the areas of Digital Reality and Autonomous Technologies. This program is an exciting new opportunity for startups to apply their ideas and capabilities to emerging but well-defined real-world problems in these areas, and, with Hexagon’s help, build full-scale solutions and take those to Indian and global customers.

This program is being launched with the support of THub, the world’s largest incubation hub, which will bring its knowledge of the Indian startup ecosystem, best practices, and processes, to facilitate, guide and amplify the impact of this program.

Hexagon’s technology finds use in some of the largest enterprises, in critical operations in governments and defence, in manufacturing and process plants, in building smart cities and critical infrastructure, in automotive, shipbuilding, mining, agriculture, and protecting heritage monuments, amongst others. Being at the forefront of Digital Reality and Autonomous Technologies, with a global portfolio of customers, Hexagon brings an exceptional view into the current and emergent problems in these areas.

startup interested in building up solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and/ or Digital Reality may choose to work on any one of three precise problems by submitting their idea and approach to the program and sharing their credentials:

● Building Digital Twins for EV Manufacturing
● Real-Time Language Detection and Translation
● Enabling Prescriptive Maintenance with AR and VR for Process Plants.

If the submission and credentials stand out, the startup will join a cohort of similarly chosen startups to build a full proof of concept (PoC). Each startup will have a mentor’s help during this period. The finalist from each cohort would win a prize, as well as gain the opportunity to build a full-scale solution working with Hexagon’s domain experts, on Hexagon’s futuristic technologies and platforms. Hexagon and the startups can then take these collaborative solutions to Hexagon’s customer base and scale them across geographies.

Commenting on the launch, Navaneet Mishra, Senior Vice President and Head of Hexagon’s R&D Center India, said “Indian startups are passionate, tech savvy and hardworking. With Hexagon’s Startup Catalyst Program, we are going to help them channel their energies and attention towards precisely defined real-world problems. We will support them with cutting-edge technology platforms, mentors to facilitate the co-solutions, and an opportunity to access global customers. We want to help startups from India scale their innovation globally, this program is an important step in that journey.”

MSR, CEO of THub, said “Collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation, and our partnership with Hexagon for the new cohort of LAB32 represents a significant milestone in THub‘s journey. At THub, we believe in fostering an ecosystem that not only empowers entrepreneurs but also propels them toward global success. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing startups with the tools they need to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the world.”

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