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Gangbustrs: The Innovative Solution for CMOs and Startups Seeking Growth

San Diego, CA, January 20, 2024 –Founded by former agency creative executive David Schafer, Gangbustrs is not just a consultancy – it’s a creative clubhouse tailored to meet the distinctive needs of today’s CMOs.

Take the case of Amply, a burgeoning tech firm in San Diego. Facing the need for a robust go-to-market strategy and a comprehensive rebrand, Amply’s leadership recognized the necessity for expert guidance. Max Ferre, a key executive at Amply, reflects, “Viewing our product through the buyer’s lens was crucial, and Gangbustrs was the clear choice for this insight.” Under Schafer’s direction, Gangbustrs provided Amply with the creative and strategic prowess needed to propel their growth.

David Schafer, the founder of Gangbustrs, brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic acumen to the table. Renowned for assisting leaders of Fortune 500 tech companies and rapidly expanding startups, Schafer’s expertise lies in launching products and campaigns that deeply resonate with target audiences.

John Hartman, former president of Piston Agency, describes Schafer as a “Mad Men-type ad guy in the modern era – a rarity.” Jessica D’Elana Tweed, Schafer’s business partner, adds, “Schafer’s approach is unpredictable and ingenious, often delivering unorthodox yet highly effective solutions.”

Do CMOs really need help?

Gangbustrs’ mission is rooted in addressing the evolving landscape of the CMO’s role, which now spans a vast array of responsibilities from marketing technology to product design. Schafer observes, “Launching a new product or navigating growth often exceeds in-house capabilities, leaving CMOs in a lurch. That’s where Gangbustrs steps in to fill the gap.”

In the past six months alone, Gangbustrs has taken on diverse challenges, such as launching products for a global hot tub manufacturer, creating and branding a gaming infrastructure company in Europe, and revamping a complex affiliate marketing platform.

The marketing and advertising industry is witnessing a seismic shift with the entry of global consultancies like Deloitte and Accenture into creative services. In contrast, traditional ad agencies are enhancing their strategic business insights. Schafer, with his 20-year tenure in large agencies and in-house marketing leadership in startups, is adept at navigating these changes. His experience informs Gangbustrs’ approach to growth sprints—short, 90-day bursts of intensive strategy and implementation tailored to each client’s needs.

Modern marketing creates complex challenges like positioning for growth, full-funnel campaign creation, revenue attribution and organizational change management. Schafer says, “In today’s fast-evolving market, you need more than an agency; you need a partner that can blend innovation, change management and creative to lead your brand towards growth.”

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