Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Flag Digital Announces Integration of Their Flagship Solution, The Flag Blockchain, with thirdweb

Frisco, TX, February 06, 2024 –Flag Digital, a web3 technology and media company, is excited to announce that it has integrated its flagship product, the Flag Blockchain, with thirdweb, the comprehensive web3 development platform.

The Flag Blockchain is a layer 1 solution and a hard fork of the Polygon Blockchain that offers outstanding performance, scalability, customizability, and security for blockchain developers. The Flag Blockchain is compatible with EVM and fully complies with ERC20 standards.

thirdweb is a web3 development suite that supports over 70,000 developers in creating web3 applications with wallets, smart contracts, payments, and infrastructure. thirdweb provides a strong Solidity SDK, a collection of ready-made and verified contracts, a smooth deployment process, and a dependable server for scalable web3 apps.

“We are happy to integrate with thirdweb, the top web3 development platform that aligns with our mission of enabling developers and businesses easy access to Web3 technology and to build the Blockchain for Everyone,” said Troy Nihart, President of Flag Digital. “This integration will offer our users more choices, flexibility, and convenience when developing Web3 applications on the Flag Blockchain.”

By integrating with thirdweb, Flag Digital now allows developers to benefit from the best of both platforms and build state-of-the-art Web3 applications with ease and efficiency. Developers can now utilize thirdweb’s tools to create and manage smart contracts on the Flag Blockchain, as well as access the Flag Wallet, the native wallet of the Flag Blockchain, and the Flag Coin, the native coin of the Flag Blockchain that is used for gas transactions and peer-to-peer interactions.

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