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New Delhi, 02 December 2023: Purple Bharat Utsav organised in the realm of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, was celebrated at Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB). A day long inclusive festival dedicated to spotlighting the remarkable achievements and diversity of individuals with disabilities, successfully concluded its events on 30th November 2023. The festival, strategically aligned with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, was a resounding success in promoting inclusivity and accessibility across various spheres of life. The day discussed the theme of – United in Action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and buy PwDs.

The day, curated to emphasize the significance of inclusion, featured a spectrum of events such as round table conferences, keynote addresses, plenary discussions, cultural performances, and exhibitions aimed at actively fostering inclusivity and at the core of this celebration was the imperative to raise awareness about disability inclusion on a larger scale and explore pathways to enable inclusive employment in India.

The highlight of Purple Bharat Utsav was the Purple Round Table Conference themed “Building Inclusive Employment Ecosystem in India: Challenges & Opportunities.” Esteemed panels comprising Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) experts, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Heads, DEI Activists, and representatives from Social Service Organizations (SSOs) convened to deeply explore the landscape of inclusive employment in India. Also, FIIB was awarded the inclusive campus of India -2023 by IDEA and HI.

Led by Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director at FIIB, the discussions revolved around various facets of inclusive employment, emphasizing market dynamics and the commercial viability of disability-inclusive employment. Insights derived from leading private companies in India were dissected to understand their approaches and successes, with a focus on inspiring further developments in the realm of inclusive employment within the corporate sector in India.

“The Purple Bharat Utsav at FIIB was a profound testament to the power of inclusive initiatives. It provided a robust platform for vital dialogues, shedding light on inclusive employment’s transformative impact and reinforcing the imperative for a more inclusive corporate landscape in India. The convergence of expertise and advocacy within the festival serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a future where diversity is celebrated, and opportunities are truly inclusive for all.”, said Ms. Radhika Shrivastava, Executive Director of FIIB (Fortune Institute of International Business).

The day commenced with the Purple Round Table sessions, followed plenary sessions on Inclusive Employment in India. Dr. Kokil Jain, Dean Research and Outreach at FIIB, set the context for the day with a warm welcome address, while Mr. Mallikarjuna Iytha, Founder of IDEA, extended a gracious welcome to the attendees.

Followed by opening remarks by Lt. General SM Metha (Chairperson of IDEA). The first keynote address from Ms. Ambreen Zaidi, a renowned columnist and author reflected on the stories of disabled soldiers. The second keynote was delivered online by Ms. Puline of Handicap & International. The plenary presentations witnessed engaging talks by prominent figures including Devika Malik (Founder, Wheeling Happiness), Mr. Gurusharan Khurana (Founder, Navjyoti Global Solutions), Ms. Dolly Mittal (Head, Affirmative Hiring, TCS), Amit Bhargava (Founder, ProCURE HR), Shubham Pahwa (Bata India), Nipun Malhotra (Nipman Foundation) and Shivani Vashishth (CSR Head – Spark Minda Group).

The evening was adorned with captivating cultural performances, featuring renowned artists like Mr. Jawed Habib and Padma Shri Kamalini Asthana and Nalini Asthana. Additionally, the event showcased performances by Persons with Disabilities (PwD) artists and FIIB students, fostering a platform for diverse talent and inclusivity.

Purple Bharat Utsav catalyzed to deepen understanding, raise awareness, and pave the way for more inclusive job opportunities within the corporate landscape of India. The festival captured the spirit of unity, inclusivity, and progress, marking a significant stride towards a more equitable society.

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