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Mumbai, 10th October 2023– ENGIE INDIA is thrilled to announce that it has achieved the prestigious Great Place To Work® Certification in India for the period from September 2023 to September 2024. This certification underscores ENGIE INDIA’s commitment to fostering a workplace culture built on trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Great Place To Work® is a renowned global authority on workplace culture, with a rich history spanning back to 1992. The organization has conducted extensive surveys, involving over 100 million employees worldwide, to discern the core elements that define a great workplace. At its heart, a great workplace is one founded on trust. Great Place To Work’s employee survey platform provides leaders with valuable insights, real-time reporting, and data-driven guidance to inform strategic decisions that enhance the employee experience.

Amit Jain, CEO & Country Manager, ENGIE INDIA expressed his views, “In achieving Great Place To Work Certification, we’ve not only validated our commitment to our employees but also reaffirmed our dedication to cultivating a high-trust, high-performance culture”.

Beenal Raychura, HR Head, ENGIE INDIA added, “Creating a great workplace is a collective effort, and this certification reflects the dedication of our entire team. It’s a testament to our commitment to fostering a work environment where all employees thrive, feel valued, and can contribute their best.”

In India, Great Place To Work® collaborates with over 1400 organizations annually, spanning more than 22 industries, to aid in the development of High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures geared toward sustainable business success. The organization has garnered the support of numerous CEOs and CXOs within India Inc. who share the vision of making India an exemplary workplace for all.

Research conducted by the institute has consistently shown that exceptional workplaces share several key traits, including visionary leadership, a consistent employee experience, and sustained financial performance. These organizations excel in providing a consistent experience to all employees, regardless of their role, gender, tenure, or level within the organization. They are led by individuals who champion the mission of creating and maintaining a great place to work for everyone, setting an example for leaders at all levels.

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