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National Energy Conservation Day 1

Bengaluru, 16th December 2023: At Embassy Group, we understand the significance of conserving and protecting our natural environment. We always strive to align our business practices in a way that will help create sustainable communities amidst the rising deprivation of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity. With National Energy Conservation Day around the corner, we aim to raise awareness about energy efficiency and its preservation. Encouraging industrial units, institutions, and establishments to reduce energy consumption is pivotal. This involves advocating a comprehensive approach that extends beyond fundamental measures.

As much as awareness about environmental conservation has increased over the last few years, there is still a long way to go before positive steps show their results. Therefore, Embassy Group has constituted numerous green practices that are creating the benchmark for eco-friendly operations and resulting in progressive change, such as:

Embassy is a proud partner of The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust’s (TAICT) EcoGram Solid Waste Management project. Initiated in 2016, EcoGram jointly aims to create an ecologically sound replicable model Gram Panchayat in North Bengaluru to propagate sustainable waste, water, and soil management. In 2022, the EcoHub was inaugurated as an integrated solid waste management centre, the project now benefits over 4000 households across all 10 villages.

Further, we have also provided solar panels to our adopted government schools, contributing to the green infrastructure of Bengaluru and Pune.

Embassy Services, the facilities management arm of Embassy Group, has created various green initiatives to assist our corporate partners in accomplishing their environmental goals. Initiatives such as Urban Green, which has yielded 6,000 kg of vegetables a year and helps inspire a love of farming, and the car-pooling initiative in our business parks, Green Rider, set the benchmark for eco-friendly operations.

In the last year, we reused over 16,20,800 KL of treated water for flushing, gardening, and ancillary purposes, resulting in an approximately 45% reduction in raw water consumption in our business parks.

Taking effective steps towards generating green energy, Embassy owns a 100 MW solar field, which has the ability to generate 2 million units a year. The Group is further expanding its solar capacity to reduce carbon-emitting power generation.

As champions of sustainable practices, our agenda is to join hands with other corporates, the government, and NGOs to create a culture of collaboration and corporate sustainability to deepen our collective efforts towards saving our planet. We are poised to continue our endeavours to reduce environmental degradation and embrace greener communities. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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