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Khan SirKhan Sir is a renowned educationalist throughout the country for his unique teaching style and also for providing the most affordable education. With his exceptional teaching skills, Khan Sir has positively impacted countless students. Recently, he was seen at the largest “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” event in Delhi, led by the well-known motivational speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra.

The purpose of this “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” program was to guide students from all over the country and those aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the future. Khan Sir addressed a vast audience of entrepreneurs during this program and shared some valuable insights, encouraging everyone for the future.

During this program, Mr. Khan shared the story of how he was inspired by Dr. Vivek Bindra to start his own YouTube channel. He mentioned that he used to watch Dr. Vivek Bindra’s videos and was impressed by how Dr. Bindra had created the world’s largest entrepreneurship YouTube channel. Mr. Khan also expressed his dream of creating the world’s largest education channel, which has now come true.

Mr. Khan said that just like Dr. Vivek Bindra’s motivation and guidance had helped him, the people present at the Entrepreneur’s Launchpad event would also benefit. He mentioned that seeing thousands of entrepreneurs at the event gave him confidence that the country is progressing on the path of development.

During the program, Mr. Khan’s motivational words filled the Indira Gandhi Stadium with enthusiasm and positivity. He not only motivated people for the future but also answered some of their questions and tried to find solutions to their problems. Mr. Khan’s presence made the program lively and inspiring.

This is not the first time that Dr. Vivek Bindra and Khan Sir have been part of the same event. Before this, Khan Sir appeared on Dr. Vivek Bindra’s show “The Bada Bharat Show,” where he shared his personal and professional experiences, along with discussing the country’s education system.

In 2019, Khan Sir launched his own YouTube channel, named “Khan Sir G.S. Research Center,” which now has more than 21 million subscribers. It is one of the fastest-growing Edtech YouTube channels in the country.

Khan Sir’s distinctive quality lies in his unwavering commitment to educating students.

While he initially began with a small group of students, his online classes now draw

thousands of attendees. Throughout the years, Khan Sir has maintained both his

teaching approach and course fees, consistently offering the most cost-effective

educational options in the nation.

With this motivation, Khan Sir made his presence felt at the “Entrepreneurs Launchpad” event and reiterated his commitment to his goals. Besides Khan Sir, this event also featured Avadh Ojha, Actor Vivek Oberoi, Sunil Shetty, and famous singer Sonu Nigam.

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