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Dr. Silpi Sahoo

Mumbai, 6th November 2023: Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, was honored with the prestigious Pratibha Patnaik Woman Achiever Award by the Capital Foundation Society in recognition of her profound contributions to transforming the state of school education. The Award was conferred by Chief Justice of India, Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud, in the distinguished presence of Justice A. K. Patnaik. Organized as part of the Capital Foundation Annual Lecture & Awards 2023 to celebrate the 109th birth anniversary of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, the award ceremony took place at the Constitution Club in New Delhi.

The Capital Foundation Society, a non-governmental non-profit, is a vital platform for informed dialogue, enabling discussions on critical issues. It has hosted over 300 events since 1987, drawing diverse professionals, fostering debates on national and global topics. Parliamentarians, civil servants, judges, educationalists, diplomats, journalists, scholars, and professionals converge to exchange ideas, reflecting the diverse perspectives and interests that make the Capital Foundation an unparalleled public forum. Their commitment to open discourse on democracy, accountability, and human rights underscores the significance of receiving awards from this influential society.

In addition to Dr. Silpi Sahoo, the Capital Foundation bestowed distinctive accolades upon several other luminaries this year. Notable among them were Mr. Akil Kureshi, Retired Chief Justice of the High Courts of Rajasthan and Tripura, Ms. Anu Aga, Ex Rajya Sabha Member, Padma Shri Awardee & Social Worker, Dr. CBK Mohanty, reputed Health Administrator, Odisha, and Dr. Suchin Bajaj, Founder & Director of Ujala Cygnus Hospitals. These distinguished individuals collectively exemplify the spirit of excellence celebrated by the Capital Foundation Society, and their contributions serve as a source of inspiration for the nation.

Upon receiving the Pratibha Patnaik Woman Achiever Award, Dr. Silpi Sahoo conveyed her heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the recognition. “I am profoundly humbled and honored to have received this prestigious award from the Capital Foundation Society. This award is not just for me but for my entire SAI family of parents, teachers, and staff who have strived dedicatedly to provide the best quality education to children in Odisha. This recognition motivates us even more to work relentlessly to empower children of Odisha to become leaders who shape the future of India,” she said. Dr. Sahoo & steadfast devotion to education and her exceptional achievements epitomize her as a true torchbearer of progress, a luminary deserving of this prestigious accolade.

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