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Mumbai, December 06, 2023: On the back of a strong festive season, home-grown Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) merchants from Maharashtra are witnessing impressive growth and up to 100% increase in customer conversions in the last six months, according to Simpl – India’s foremost Checkout Network. Merchants such as gardening company Nursery Live, vegan footwear brand Paadukas and Wone are among the brands from the state who are registering significantly higher sales due to Simpl’s Checkout solutions.

This assumes significance as the festive period generates the maximum sales for retailers in the country and it’s important for D2C merchants to provide a seamless checkout experience to lakhs of customers visiting their platform, particularly during this period. Through artificial intelligence-led solutions such as Simpl’s industry-first 1-Tap Checkout with pre-filled details and addresses, Checkout Suite which includes Return-to-Origin (RTO) intelligence which is a major pain point in the industry. Furthermore, Simpl’s Post Purchase Experience which provides order tracking and customer support functions helped customers build greater trust on the merchant.

Commenting on this trend, Nitya Sharma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Simpl, said, “The festive season has generated immense demand for D2C merchants from the state and it’s important to capitalise on this opportunity by providing a quick and seamless e-commerce experience to customers across the value chain and particularly at the checkout stage. As merchants’ preferred checkout partner, Simpl is at the forefront of bringing state-of-the-art AI-led solutions to increase conversions and reduce returns, which are important for the success of any online merchant. We are excited about generating up to 100% conversions for our merchants from the state and are looking to add over 4,000 merchants over the next 203 years from here”.

He shared this on the sidelines of the 17th Chapter of D2C Unlocked, a flagship community-led founders event held in Mumbai. The event witnessed a gathering of founders of over 100 Direct-to-Customer (D2C) brands from the state, for networking and knowledge exchange among industry leaders and experts. The event unfolded with a dynamic panel discussion with co-founders of leading D2C brands, including Shweta Srivastava, Chief Experience Officer at TATA Cliq, and Puneet Sehgal, Co-founder of Freakins, Niti Singhal – Founder and Designer at Twee In One and Rahul Rohra Co-Founder & Chief marketing officer at Scitron.

According to recent projections by Redseer Strategy Consultants, the country’s e-commerce industry to surpass 10 billion shipments by FY28, growing at a minimum CAGR of 20%. With the D2C sector in India experiencing remarkable growth, and with consumers increasingly turning to online shopping platforms, Simpl’s Checkout Network stands as a cornerstone in empowering D2C brands.

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