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D.R.Garg, Secretary and CEO

Hyderabad,27th November 2023: . SIP National Prodigy-2023, the 20th National Abacus Competition was organized in the city at Classic Convention Three at Shamshabad on Sunday. It was organized by SIP Academy, India’s biggest skill development organization for kids.

D.R. Garg, Secretary and CEO of the Telangana State Human Rights Commission inaugurated it.

Speaking on the occasion D.R Garg said, if you observe the few past SSC results 40% failed in Mathematics subject. Skill training in the formative years of the child can bring tremendous change in the attitude towards mathematics. Mathematics is the key to science, technology, computers and human progress. If a child is confident in Mathematics, nothing can stop him from reaching his fullest potential. I wish I had known this methodology when I was a bureaucrat in charge of managing residential schools earlier in my career. I would have implemented this program and made a huge difference. It is a wonderful experience to see these tiny tots, who are human calculators doing miraculous things

It is our largest ever competition. It is a massive competition. Participation in these kinds of competitions gives children a great experience and confidence. A record number of 4700 are participating, announced Dinesh Victor, Managing Director of SIP Academy.

Dinesh Victor, who is a champion of the skill development movement for Children in India said the Abacus program offers many skills such as concentration. Improved performance in arithmetic, self-confidence, and visual skills among others he said. The program nurtures the development of children with razor-sharp intellects, he said.

The competition was held in two rounds and the children solved 300 mathematical problems in 11 minutes covering Abacus, multiplication, division and visual arithmetic sums.

The earlier year events have achieved 4 LIMCA book of records for the size and pattern of the competition held in India and internationally. The parents were present to witness this massive competition along with SIP Abacus India employees. A total of over 12000 people attended the function.

SIP Academy India has run world-class skill development programmes since 2003, making a significant impact on the mental potential of children. The program has a presence in 23 states, 350+ cities, 850+ Centers and trained ten lakh children so far. The SIP Abacus program is present in 11 countries worldwide.

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