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MUMBAI, November 24, 2023: – CoinDCX, India’s leading and most valued VDA company, announced its strategic collaboration with The Sandbox, a top-tier blockchain gaming platform under Animoca Brands. This partnership takes center stage in BharatBox, an innovative cultural metaverse hub in The Sandbox spotlighting elite artists and brands from India.

Unveiled at Unfold 2023, India’s premier web3 event,the partnership was announced through an engaging video, showcasing CoinDCX entering the BharatBox in voxel form. Following this, it was determined that the VDA platform is set to become an Ecosystem Partner for BharatBox, leveraging CoinDCX’s extensive 20 million+ user base to encourage the metaverse engagement.

Commitment to Community

Central to this partnership is the commitment to education and community enlightenment with three foundational pillars of direct metaverse engagement, educational empowerment, and creative exploration.

The collaboration will feature user-centric educational materials, interactive AMAs, and joint efforts in establishing a comprehensive knowledge base about the metaverse and web3 technologies. As the partnership evolves, the focus will shift towards fostering creativity, with the development of metaverse projects tailored for the Indian demographic, and offering engaging quests in BharatBox.

Phase 1:

● Game Nights: CoinDCX and BharatBox will host exclusive game nights, offering a direct experience of the metaverse to the community.

● Education & Media Series: CoinDCX and BharatBox will co-host AMAs, and co-create knowledge repositories.

This phase includes:

○ An Ambassador Program to promote the metaverse.

○ Engaging giveaways and contests.

○ Community-building activities across platforms like Discord and Twitter.

Phase 2:

● Creative Metaverse Projects: CoinDCX and BharatBox will develop unique metaverse projects and IPs tailored for the Indian audience.

● Buildathons: Following community awareness from phase 1, buildathons will be organized for creators to develop on the Sandbox platform.

● The Sandbox Ecosystem Quests: Introducing quests to attract users to the Indian neighborhood in the metaverse.

● Bounty Programs: Implementing grants and bounties for BharatBox related activities.

● SDK Integration: Development of an SDK for both The Sandbox and Bharatbox, compatible with Android and iOS apps.

Sumit Gupta, Cofounder, CoinDCX, said, “Community has consistently stood as a cornerstone of our values, and our commitment remains steadfast in actively engaging and co-creating experiences that align with the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of our community. We take pride in the fact that this collaboration with BharatBox will further deepen our connections within the metaverse.”

Karan Keswani, CEO of BharatBox, remarks, “CoinDCX vision resonates with our ambition for BharatBox. We are jointly poised on the cusp of redefining India’s digital horizons, driven by the boundless promise of the metaverse and Web3. This isn’t just about carving a digital niche; it’s about sculpting a lasting digital legacy.”

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