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Diwali, the festival of lights and joy, provides numerous opportunities for dressing up and celebrating with loved ones. Whether it’s a religious gathering or a festive party with friends, traditional Indian attire and jewellery are essential for Diwali celebrations. It’s considered auspicious to purchase new jewellery during this season. Here are our 5 latest jewellery trends to make you shine like a diva this Diwali!

Elevate Your Style with Statement Jewellery for a Sophisticated Shine:

This Diwali, statement jewellery is in the limelight. Exclusive statement earrings, rings, and necklaces are the standout trend. Choose any of these pieces to elevate your outfit. Embrace this trend to turn heads and make a Diva statement during the festivities.Timeless Jewellery (1)

Embrace Jewellery Inspired by Nature-Inspired Motifs :

This Diwali, adorn yourself with the majestic beauty of our national bird, the peacock. Wear our stylized peacock bracelets and necklaces to look stunning. You can also sport our antique peacock ring, featuring feathers cascading down on one side and a minimalist surface on the outer edge. This unique jewellery will surely make you stand out.

Shine Bright at your Cocktail Nights with Diamonds:

At a Diwali card party, you have the freedom to be as style-forward as you like. This casual and exciting night is often spent with friends or cousins, and the pressure to dress modestly is minimal. Fashionistas can get experimental with flattering silhouettes. Choose sparkly shoulder duster earrings with gemstone accents for a vibrant look. Opt for our minimalist yet stylish chokers featuring natural diamonds and gemstones that complement your ensemble’s hues, creating an all-over dazzling effect. Enjoy the festivities in style!

Wear Traditional Kundan and Polki Jewelry to Elevate Your Diwali Puja Look:

Diwali is a time when traditions shine through. From our religious ceremonies to the food we make and the outfits we wear – everything reflects centuries of culture. What better way to complement your traditional Indian clothes than with traditional jewellery? The newest trend this Diwali comes in the form of Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari sets. Choose an opulent traditional Kundan set or one reimagined from past trends. When you wear your traditional outfit, make sure your jewelry complements your look. Adorn yourself with a traditional Kundan jewellery set featuring a necklace and matching earrings to shine like a diva this festive season.

Create a Dazzling Get-Together Look with Versatile Jewellery:

Multifaceted has emerged as a prominent theme in the fashion world, extending its influence to the realm of jewelry. Unlike the past, where heavy, occasional wear jewelry prevailed, millennials and Gen-Z individuals are gravitating towards versatile, multi-functional pieces. These precious adornments serve a dual purpose, offering both style and sentimental value. Examples include multipurpose charms and necklaces that transform into bracelets or bracelets that cleverly double as a pair of earrings. The prevailing trend embraces delicate and adaptable pieces that effortlessly shift from daytime elegance to nighttime allure. This shift underscores the significance of adaptability not only in fashion but in life as well.

Embrace your inner light and shine bright this Diwali as you move from one joyous occasion to another. We hope our guide will help you feel your best with stunning jewellery options.

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