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 Braj's Sacred Waters

Uttar Pradesh; Braj Dham, the sacred land of Shri Radha Krishna’s divine pastimes, recently witnessed a remarkable stride towards environmental rejuvenation. Addressing the pressing issue of water pollution in the revered Kundas, a concerted effort led by revered spiritual leaders and environmental experts from ISKCON, UPBTVP, Govardhan Eco Village and Braj Dham Seva Pehal marked a significant milestone in the restoration journey of the six kundas in the Braj region.

The culmination of this relentless dedication and collective spirit was celebrated during a momentous event on December 2, 2023. The event served as a pivotal platform to showcase the strides made in restoring the purity of Priya Kund and elucidate the comprehensive approach adopted for this noble cause.

Reflecting on the collective enthusiasm, Gauranga Das Prabhu Ji, member of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission, said, “Cleansing the sacred Kundas of Braj is a labour of love and devotion. Every drop of restored water not only reflects purity but also mirrors our commitment to preserving the divine heritage of Shri Radha Krishna’s abode. Together, hand in hand, we embarked on this journey to nurture nature’s sanctity for the spiritual and ecological well-being of all. We hope our collective efforts serve as an eternal offering to the land that resonates with the divine pastimes.”

The event, graced by luminaries such as Sri Padmanabha Goswamiji, Shri Ramesh Babaji, Shri Vinod Bihari Babaji, H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj, and other revered personalities, showcased the comprehensive solutions implemented to address water pollution. During this, Mrs. Harneet Hariharan provided an insightful narrative on the various solutions instrumental in elevating the water quality of Priya Kund. The leadership and collaboration with UP BTVP via chairman Shree Shailajakant Mishra and CEO Shree Nagendra Pratap were instrumental in making this happen.

Under the guidance of Srila A. C., inspired by the teachings of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and with the relentless commitment of esteemed figures like Shri Ramesh Babaji Maharaj, Shri Vinod Bihari Babaji, along with the proactive support from Sir Karyavah (RSS), the restoration endeavours saw encouraging progress. Furthermore, the detailed reports shared during the event shed light on the exhaustive surveys conducted across thirteen Kundas. These surveys, undertaken with meticulous precision by a dedicated team of water experts, analyzed biodiversity, collected water and sediment samples, and assessed the health of these water bodies. Subsequent analysis and root cause identification then culminated in a Detailed Project Report (DPR) was unanimously approved by the Braj Tirtha Vikas Parishad (BTVP).

The restoration initiatives have already commenced at Pili Pokhar and Pawan Sarovar in collaboration with SERI and UP-BTVP. These endeavours involve groundbreaking technology utilizing bio-enzymes, a promising step toward revitalizing six Kundas in the Braj region. In this process, the collaborative spirit exhibited by spiritual leaders, environmentalists, and local communities signifies a transformative journey towards safeguarding the ecological balance and heritage of Braj which ensures a collective call to action and urges devotees and stakeholders to join hands in ensuring the sustained rejuvenation of these sacred water bodies, preserving the sanctity of Braj’s heritage for generations to come.

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