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Bites expertise for Gen Z frontline employees to provide “training experiences that are easily consumable by employees”, says Dave Ganton, VP of Partnerships at 7shifts.

Bites, an innovative player in learning management and employee communications, and 7shifts, the leading software platform dedicated to simplifying labor management for restaurants, announced a new partnership that will enable restaurants everywhere to create and distribute training materials for their front line employees.

Bites is an ideal platform for large and small restaurant chains, which must continually train new employees due to their high employee turnover rates. The tool, which works on any platform, enables the creation of reusable, trackable training videos with engagement tools designed to reinforce the messaging in the training videos.

“We are thrilled to partner with 7shifts, an industry leader in the restaurant industry. This partnership will provide more restaurants with access to the Bites training platform,” said Hagai Horovitz, Chief of Innovation and Partnerships at Bites. “Our tools reduce onboarding time by 67% and allow every employee across the chain to receive consistent, branded training. Ultimately, this ensures that employees across the chain are given the same level of training, leading to a consistent customer experience at every location.”

“Restaurants count on 7shifts to provide end-to-end team management capabilities for managing their staff, and training is a critical component of that,” said Dave Ganton, VP of Partnerships for 7shifts. “We’ve partnered with Bites to provide our customers with a robust and approachable training experience that’s easily consumable by employees while being highly customizable and flexible for operators.”

With Bites, restaurant management teams can use social-media-styled video creation tools to produce authentic, professional-grade training content geared toward today’s employees. Videos can be enhanced using the same tools found on leading social media platforms, including visual effects, music, and GIFs. The tool also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve video production, produce complete micro-learning units based on the video content, and translate into over 150 languages.

Existing 7shifts customers can reach out to their account manager and request a Bites workspace. The two platforms are synced together, making it easy for restaurants to create compelling, reusable training content.

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