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ISAK Lucknow store

India, 20th November 2023: Isak, the fragrance house dedicated to the creation of unrivalled niche Indian artisanal fragrances of rare notes and blends, has opened their first store in Gomtinagar, Lucknow this week, right in time for festive shopping, weddings, gifting and indulgences.

The new store that is spread over 600 sq feet, is a luxuriously done up space that brings inspired attention to detail to its products. The location of the store has been thoughtfully selected while still being accessible to most in the city. With the wedding season in full swing, festivities mean gifting and shopping for unique fragrances for family, friends and loved ones. Fragrances are linked to special memories, and selecting a fragrance as a gift is the perfect way to add meaning and thoughtfulness to special bonds.

Customers can browse through ISAK’s signature fragrances and indulge themselves in their specially curated Diwali festive gift sets that are sleek, compact, and travel friendly. Each fragrance is a delight for the olfactory senses and a perfect pick-me-up for festive days. This specially curated sets boast of distinct and invigorating fragrances that come in a sleek design, are easy to use and unisex.

On this special occasion, founder of ISAK, Vidushi Vijayvergiya said, ‘We are thrilled to welcome guests to our newly opened store in Lucknow, which is the first of many others to follow. Fragrance is such a timeless and personal expression of love and affection that it stirs memories of cherished moments gone by. ISAK has a legacy of 170 years of manufacturing and extracting our own essences using traditional infusion and distillation techniques that capture the complexity and notes of each blend – a process now foregone as too meticulous in times of machine-made products. Each essence is still measured, blended, and formulated by hand as it was a century ago, putting Indian perfumery and its craftsmanship on the world map”.

Over the last century, the fragrance house of ISAK has managed to build and blossom their business driven by the artistry and perfection of hand blending and not commercial priorities, along with a keen inherited nose. Through 6 generations, founder Vidushi Vijayvergiya’s family legacy has spent time scoring rarest of rare ingredients, developing a distinct infusion and distillation technique to handcraft uncommon fragrances for the royal houses across Awadh and beyond. The unrivalled fragrance formulations along with the lingua franca graced with the ever so famous tehzeeb and nafasat of the city of Lucknow spread, winning discerning patronage across regions.

Isak has a collection that comprises 3 signature fragrances that captures the pure essence of the first rain in a uniquely wearable and soulful experience. This clean, fresh, and earthy scent envelops you in the embrace of petrichor, amber, and cedarwood, invoking the unmistakable aroma of rain-kissed earth. Crafted through the traditional deg & bhapka method, it delicately captures the essence of mitti (wet earth), creating a beautifully soft and evocative fragrance that lingers with you throughout the day.

Rain Kissed Roses” is a fragrant masterpiece inspired by the pristine beauty of nature. At its core, it harbours the rare and precious Natural Rose Absolute, capturing the authentic scent of freshly bloomed roses, enveloping you in a tender, floral embrace. This fragrance unveils in layers, like a morning stroll through a dew-kissed rose garden, culminating in a sensual harmony with Sandalwood and Musk leaving a trail of irresistible allure.

Forest Rain,” a captivating fragrance that begins with a burst of zesty lemon, delicate lilac notes and earthy first rain, reminiscent of a refreshing forest rain. As it unfolds, the scent transforms into a woody, grounding embrace, with amber, vanilla, musk, and cedarwood, evoking the serene ambiance of a tranquil forest walk.

Lavender Rain,” is an alluring fragrance that weaves together the sensual notes of lavender, earthy petrichor, freshness of raspberry, orris, bergamot, and the deep, lingering embrace of sandalwood and amber. This exquisite blend captures the essence of a passionate encounter in a lavender field, where the sultry rain intensifies the senses. The fresh citrus & fruity notes add an element of seductive charm, creating a fragrant journey that awakens desire and leaves an unforgettable, amber-tinged impression.

ISAK store address: 441, Vivek Khand, Patrakarpuram, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

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