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Arjuna awardees

New Delhi, November 21, 2023: The 13th edition of the DGC Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship 2023, presented by USHA, kicked off at the greens of Delhi Golf Club today. The ceremonial tee-off took place with Arjuna Awardees Ashok Malik and Ali Sher, as well as KK Bajoria, President DGC. The 3-day 54 Hole WAGR event (November 21st-23rd) played on the Lodhi and the Peacock Golf course, will see a total of 104 lady golfers in the fray with 25 lady golfers taking part in the main open championship.

For the first time ever, the DGC Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship will be eligible for WAGR points. The World Amateur Golf Ranking, overseen by the R&A and USGA, includes rankings for elite amateur players and encompasses a vast array of events, boasting participation from over 10,000 players across more than 4,000 events. This edition of the championship has drawn top-notch golfers that include National Champions Gauri Monga and Shiraz Singh, as well as young emerging talent like Amreen Sandhu and Bhavya Mann from Chandigarh. Sakshi Kushwaha, a 14-year-old emerging golfer affiliated with the Ultimate Foundation in Gurgaon, whose skills on the greens were noticed during the DGC Junior Golf Tournament, has been granted a direct entry to the main open championship, and her entry fee waived.

Speaking at the tee-off, Usha Spokesperson, said, “Usha has been closely affiliated with the Delhi Golf Club for over four decades and it’s a partnership that aligns with Usha’s core values that include a focus on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, and actively supporting inclusive sporting platforms. Being part of the WAGR has definitely upped the ante this year and we look forward to some interesting action on the greens.”

“Usha has been a steadfast supporter of Ladies Amateur Open Golf over the years and together we have witnessed the golfing scene evolve and grow. Seeing the number of exceptionally talented lady players enthusiastically embracing the golfing greens is truly uplifting. The significance of this year’s championship is heightened with its inclusion in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, and with some big names in the draw, we look forward to an exciting three days of golfing”, said Ms Nimmi Dhir, Lady Captain at DGC.

Besides partnering with Delhi Golf Club to support golf across various platforms, Usha has also been an avid supporter and promoter of a wide array of inclusive sporting initiatives across the country, including its association with the Mumbai Indians team for IPL, Ultimate Flying Disc, indigenous Indian regional sports such as Gatka, Turai Kar, Kalari, Mallakhamb, Siat Khnam, Thang-Ta, and Saz-Loung, cricket for the specially-abled, sports for visually challenged (athletics, kabaddi, judo, and powerlifting), as well as football.

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