Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Independent Computer Consulting Group Bolsters Its Solution Offering for Process Manufacturing Businesses with Infor Cloudsuite PLM for Process

Philadelphia, PA, February 17, 2024 — Independent Computer Consulting Group, Inc. (“ICCG”) is pleased to announce the addition of Infor CloudSuite PLM for Process (Optiva), a best-in-class PLM solution from Infor to help process manufacturers up their game for new product introductions adhere to required regulatory compliance and maintain highest standards of quality and safety for their consumer grade products. This best of breed PLM solution enables new products to be developed quickly, using the best possible formula, all while maintaining full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Maximizing the value of R&D
Infor PLM for Process (Optiva®) is specifically designed for food, beverage, chemicals, and life science manufacturers and provides a unified product view of data and processes across organizations. It helps manufacturers easily achieve regulatory and labeling compliance – whether it’s meeting reporting requirements, complying with labeling laws, or supplying ingredient details.

Infor Optiva PLM streamlines processes for product development, material selection, formulation, and new product introductions. The solution is helping process manufacturers worldwide:

· Deliver fast innovation. Companies using Infor Optiva PLM can reduce the time to develop new products 50% or more by simplifying development processes, improving supply chain collaboration, and integrating product lifecycle management with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other core processes.

· Optimize formulas. Infor Optiva PLM delivers industry-leading capability for analyzing material cost, inventory, and manufacturing capacity to help process companies select the best formula for a given product. By optimizing product formulas, process companies can significantly reduce material costs and manufacture more efficiently.

· Ensure 100% labeling compliance. For process companies, complying with label content requirements is critical to overall success. Infor Optiva PLM provides the capabilities food and beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical companies need to design and produce labels that consistently meet government regulations.

“Infor continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies that enhance the Product Lifecycle Management product suite for process manufacturers,” said Balachandran Anantharama, Executive Vice President at ICCG. “We recommend these systems for process manufacturers looking for a competitive edge that will make them more efficient and assist in providing the much-needed advantage for getting their products to market faster as well as more cost-efficiently.”

ICCG Inc. is an Infor enterprise software-focused consulting firm with global presence and a track record of over 2000 business transformation projects, with execution across not only Infor M3 ERP system, but also Supply Chain Planning Systems, Warehouse Management solutions, and now PLM solutions deployments.

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