Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Author Deborah Reed Merrill’s New Book Hello I Am Rebecca Mitchell

Idaho Falls, ID, March 06, 2024 — Deborah Reed Merrill, a former elementary school teacher who loves to travel with her husband, Terry, and has a great appreciation for God’s creations, has completed her new book, “Hello. I Am Rebecca Mitchell”: a riveting historical fiction bringing to life the personal struggles and incredible accomplishments of suffragette and champion of women, Rebecca Brown Mitchell.

Deborah writes, “Rebecca loved the rolling hills of Illinois. Not far from St. Louis, it was a quiet place to live with her large family. She would refer to it as her very ordinary life. It was a place where she felt happiness and peace but also experienced her deepest sorrows and grief.

“At the age of fourteen, Rebecca learned to live life with a broken heart. She experienced even greater tragedy ten years later. Rebecca was devastated not only by the possible loss of everything she held dear, including her sons but by the injustices that were now part of her life. That was when she realized that as a married woman, she was invisible. That knowledge lit a fire in her heart that changed not only her life but the lives of tens of thousands of girls and women.”

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