Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


As per the news report by Kesar TV, the Central Reserve Police Force’s (CRPF) 182nd battalion demonstrated its commitment to community welfare by organizing a noteworthy cleanliness drive in Pulwama district. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Municipal Committee Pulwama, covered the stretch from Circular Road Crossing to the Bunoora area, aiming to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Beyond its primary role in maintaining security and order in the Valley, the CRPF actively engages in various community-centric initiatives. The cleanliness drive, a part of the Swachh Pakhwada, not only focused on cleaning the surroundings but also sought to raise awareness among the local populace regarding the importance of maintaining a clean environment.

A distinctive feature of this drive was the inclusion of medical camps, where essential healthcare services were extended to the residents of Pulwama. The CRPF, in tandem with the Municipal Council, went a step further by organizing free Tibbi camps, blood donation camps, sadbhavana yatras, and employment fairs, addressing multiple aspects of community well-being.

Commanding Officer Jai Singh from the 182nd Battalion CRPF Pulwama shared insights into the CRPF’s active role since the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He emphasized the organization’s ongoing commitment to cleanliness and public awareness, showcasing a holistic approach toward community development.

The CRPF’s dedication to multifaceted initiatives, encompassing medical aid, community engagement, and cleanliness campaigns, underscores its broader commitment to the welfare of Pulwama’s residents. These initiatives transcend conventional security duties, portraying the CRPF as a force actively contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment in the Kashmir Valley.

By team