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U&i Launches

New Delhi, February 26, 2024: U&i, India’s leading gadget, accessories, and consumer electronics brand, has introduced speakers that are perfect for a specific setting. Depending on their needs, music lovers can choose from a surround sound system for the home, multimedia stereo speakers that include a wireless mic, and a portable sound box.

The U&i Surround Series (UiBS-5580) is a 4.1-channel multimedia speaker system that will make movie-watching sessions more immersive with its front and rear stereo channel outputs. The 60-watt system also comprises a subwoofer that outputs the low rumbles, thumps, and punchy bass lines. This unit can be connected to a television or a personal computer to enjoy movies or play games in surround sound. Users can also tune into FM radio to listen to their favorite channels, connect an MP3 player via its AUX input, or plug in a USB flash drive to listen to music directly from the external storage. A remote control is also included with the system for greater convenience.

The U&i Mini Twin Tower (UiBS-5166) is a set of Bluetooth bookshelf speakers accompanied by a cordless mic for times when someone has to play the role of an emcee or start a karaoke session. The Mini Twin Tower is a powerful 120-watt system in which each speaker has a 4-inch mid-range driver and an 8-inch side-firing woofer to ensure quality sound output across the aural spectrum. The speakers are accompanied by a cordless microphone for fun karaoke sessions and include multiple options—such as an FM, AUX-in, and USB port—that lets listeners switch to radio, connect an external music player, or even a flash drive loaded with music tracks. The remote control lets one choose from a range of preset sound profiles like Dance, Sport, Sing, and Music to enjoy the best output.

The U&i Budget 18 Series (UiBS-8613) is a portable Bluetooth speaker for those who want something compact enough to carry everywhere with ease. This 7-watt speaker sports a sturdy build; it houses a 52mm speaker driver for punchy sound and a 1200mAh battery that provides a 6-hour playtime before needing to be recharged. Also included is a built-in memory card slot for external storage, a microphone for hands-free calls, a high-frequency horn to attract attention and a ‘mega bass’ mode for a punchier output. The portable Bluetooth speaker is available in 5 different colors – Black, Brown, Green, Red and Blue.

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