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Ugly Duckling Launches New Blondify Toners

Anaheim, CA, February 21, 2024 — Ugly Duckling Los Angeles has just announced the launch of four new colors within its Blondify toner range.

Blondify toners first came out in 2022 and they proved to be an instant hit among stylists for their ultra-fast toning ability and their gentle formulation.

The two colors launched at the time were toners for level 10 hair: Natural Ash Blonde 010A and Natural Violet Blonde 010V.

This time round the company has brought out a range of toners aimed at level 9 hair: Blue Ash Blonde 9B, Violet Blonde 9V, Purple Grey and Clear.

Explains Ishan Dutta, the company founder:

“We decided to bring all the benefits of our liquid gel 10 minute toning technology to level 9 hair. Level 10 toners are great, of course, and you need to have them. They are the mainstay of the toning market.

“But talking to hairdressers we became aware that there was this huge market for level 9 toners as well.

“So with this new range we have brought out toners aimed at covering really brassy level 9 hair. Which is why we have made these toners less sheer, with more pigmentation and more color depositing ability.”

Sally Madison, the company’s National Training Manager adds:

“The new Blondify toners, like the existing ones, are ammonia-free, PPD-free and enriched with Bond Protect and Argan Oil.They tone in just 10 minutes. Plus, being liquid-gel based, they are incredibly easy to apply. You can mix them in a plastic applicator bottle and pour all over the hair and rub. I am sure that hairdressers are going to love them!”

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