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07th March 2024, Mumbai – This International Women’s Day, it’s time to break free from the daily grind of work and honour the remarkable spirit of the modern woman. Amidst the hustle of daily life, it is important to take a moment to prioritise self-care. Whether it’s hitting the gym, immersing in a rejuvenating yoga class, or embarking on an invigorating morning jog – it’s time to gear up. Read on to explore a range of stylish workout outfits by Jockey Woman to enhance one’s fitness routine for a healthier, empowered lifestyle.

Women’s Microfiber Jacket

Designed with the fitness enthusiast in mind, this jacket is a must-have. Its microfiber fabric and StayFresh Treatment ensure that one remains cool even when sweating it out in the gym. It can be paired with joggers for a winning workout fit.

Women’s Microfiber Shorts

Shorts provide the perfect blend of freedom and flexibility essential for unrestricted movement during exercises. With Jockey’s breathable fabrics, featuring effective evaporation properties, their shorts ensure that one stays comfortably dry throughout. And what is the bonus? Shorts that come with pockets! These shorts, when paired with a stylish sports bra or T-shirt make for a workout session with both comfort and convenience.

Women’s Leggings

Leggings form an integral part of the workout wardrobe and therefore it is crucial to pick the best one. With moisture-absorbing properties, elastane stretch fabric, and convenient side pockets, they create a seamless mix of utility and style. The snug fit ensures unrestricted movement during every yoga pose and gym session.

Tank Tops

Looking for an easy but stylish and comfortable workout outfit? No need to look further than the classic combination of the tank top and leggings. The loose fit of tank tops adds versatility, making them suitable for various workout activities, be it a run or a yoga class. And what’s more, they also come in 10 different colours!

Mix and match these essentials for a variety of daily workout looks. All that’s left is to hit the treadmill and get going. Also, happy International Women’s Day, ladies!

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