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Simi Valley Pool Inspection Company, Terranova Pool Inspections, Expands Services to Malibu, CA

Simi Valley, CA, February 23, 2024 –Terranova Pool Inspections, a leading pool inspection company based in Simi Valley, is excited to announce its expansion into Malibu, California. This expansion is part of Terranova Pool Inspections’ commitment to providing top-notch pool safety and maintenance services to homeowners, real estate agents, and property managers in the coastal regions of California.

With years of experience in the industry, Terranova Pool Inspections has built a reputation for thoroughness, reliability, and expertise in ensuring pools meet safety standards and operational excellence. The company’s services include detailed inspections of pool structures, equipment, safety features, and compliance with local regulations.

Expansion to Serve a Wider Community

The decision to expand to Malibu comes in response to increasing demand for professional pool inspection services in the area. Malibu, known for its stunning beachfront properties and luxurious lifestyle, has a significant number of private and community pools that require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their users.

Jeff Terranova, Founder/CEO of Terranova Pool Inspections, said, “We are thrilled to bring our specialized pool inspection services to Malibu. Our mission is to ensure that every pool in the region meets the highest standards of safety and quality. This expansion is a significant step towards that goal, and we look forward to serving the Malibu community with our expertise.”

Comprehensive Pool Inspection Services

Terranova Pool Inspections offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. These services include:

● Detailed inspections of pool and spa structures
● Assessment of pool equipment and systems
● Evaluation of safety features and compliance with local regulations
● Water quality testing
● Recommendations for maintenance and repairs

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