Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

NücleoGenex Launches Coffee Pros Program as Additional Marketing Arm for Its Affiliates

Dallas, TX, February 06, 2024 — NücleoGenex, a cellular health company specializing in customized nutrition, gut health and neurotrophic coffee announces the release of their new marketing arm: The Coffee Pros.

“Direct Selling is transforming, and we must provide better methods for marketing and selling products in this distribution model,” said NücleoGenex CEO Robert Oblon. “The Coffee Pros allows our distributors to expand the web of potential Customers and new Affiliates by focusing exclusively on a specific lane, which happens to be the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world.”

The Coffee Pros is a stand-alone website, so that an Affiliate, known as Coffee Pro, can share the unique coffee product to other businesses. These businesses range from coffee shops and restaurants to any business wanting to sell coffee to their clientele or replace the coffee their employees are drinking.

“After years of focused efforts in the instant coffee market, we’ve entered into the brewed coffee market, which will represent a staggering $9 to $14 billion in the US, depending on which report you follow,” said Robert Oblon. “We don’t know what tiny percentage of the market we can capture, but since our coffee is so unique, The Coffee Pros program is going to help us gain some of that market share.

RED Coffee is an infrared roasted brewable coffee that is blended with whole coffee fruit extract, creating a low acid non-bitter coffee available in 12oz bags and KCUPs.

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