Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Pune, India, February 19, 2024 –Finansh, a fintech startup headquartered in Pune, India announces the release of FinBo, a digital tool designed to support prospective mortgage borrowers in navigating the home loan application process more effectively. Since its launch, FinBo has been assisting users in obtaining precise information on loan eligibility and interest rates from prominent Indian lenders.

As per Finansh, FinBo’s distinctive feature is its scoring algorithm, which has been carefully crafted to mirror the evaluation criteria used by various financial institutions. This ensures that users receive loan options that closely match their financial profile, providing a comprehensive overview of potential banking consultations through an integrated online platform.

As per Finansh, the platform’s efficacy is reflected in the positive feedback from users across review sites, indicating the company’s commitment to building a reliable and transparent service.

As per Shreyash Shah, CEO of the Startup, “With a focus on simplifying the financial landscape for both borrowers and lenders, Finansh emphasizes the importance of straightforward, technology-driven solutions in enhancing financial decision-making processes.”

Shreyash Shah informs that planned future updates for FinBo include expanding its services to connect MSMEs with suitable financing and offering retail customers insights into investment and insurance opportunities, thereby broadening the scope of financial planning available to users.

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