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Mumbai, 14/03/2024: AAIBA Designs, a pioneering creative agency renowned for its groundbreaking brand solutions and design, has announced its collaboration with TWO BROTHERS Organic Farms in 2021 for its exceptional performance marketing campaigns. This partnership symbolizes a strategic alliance that magnifies the reach and impact of TWO BROTHERS’ organic products by delineating brand identity, tonality, visual language, and targeted digital marketing endeavours.

L-R - Satyajit & Ajinkya Hange

With a growing emphasis on health, sustainability, and ethical consumption, the demand for organic products continues to escalate. TWO BROTHERS Organic Farms, distinguished for its dedication to organic farming practices and top-notch produce, has emerged as a trusted entity in the organic food industry worldwide, spanning over 1000+ cities and 75+ countries.

Speaking about this, Saurabh Chandekar, Creative Director & Co-Founder at AAIBA Design, said, “Our collaboration with TWO BROTHERS Organic Farms marks an exhilarating opportunity to harness the power of performance marketing to spotlight their extraordinary products.”

Furthermore, Rasika Chandekar, Client Servicing Director & Co-founder of AAIBA Design, said, “We specialize in crafting data-driven design solutions and strategies that yield measurable outcomes. By harnessing the latest digital tools and techniques, we aspire to elevate TWO BROTHERS’ brand visibility and foster engagement among target audiences.”

L-R - Rasika, Krutika, Saurabh

Krutika Potdar, Project Manager and Design Lead at AAIBA Design remarked, “The performance marketing campaigns focus on optimizing online channels to augment brand awareness, generate leads, and propel conversions for TWO BROTHERS. Employing dynamic designing, personalized messaging, and a strategic grasp of the brand, the campaign endeavours to resonate with consumers actively seeking organic, ethically sourced alternatives.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with AAIBA Design to amplify our digital marketing endeavours and extend our reach to a broader audience of health-conscious consumers. Through targeted performance marketing strategies, we aim to magnify the visibility of our organic products and reaffirm our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical farming practices,” expressed Satyajit and Ajinkya Hange, Founders of TWO BROTHERS Organic Farms.

AAIBA designs are inspired by music, color, and nature, and they consider them integral to their work ambiance. The brand has been recognized with various awards for its design and creative work in the industry. AAIBA currently works with prestigious brands, including Vedas Exports, Ayushakti, Absolut, Starbucks, Suzu Agro, Milletude, Lakme, Gargi by PNGS, MTV, Sun TV Network, HUL, Vodafone, and Gulf Oil, to name a few.

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